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Waple-WiFi Sharing Platform


Waple provides users with thousands of FREE WiFi Hotspots around the world. It’s a must have app for those looking for connectivity on the go!Key Features
WiFi- Scan for WiFi hotspots around you- One-click connectivity for Waple hotspots- Sign-in to new WiFi connections through the app - One-click Connect & Share capabilities - Built-in speed tester to evaluate your WiFi connection’s quality*
Waple Zone- Interactive “Pinch to Zoom” map with Waple Zone pins- Click on pins to directions to WiFi hotspots - Click on pins for WiFi hotspot (password)** details- Multiple pins in your area allows you to have options over which hotspot to chose
Shop- Discover restaurants and Cafes around you and navigate via Google Maps in one touch!- One-click restaurant and cafe review (NO Sign-In required) - Rate how good the WiFi connection is
Benefits- Access to thousands of STRONG and STABLE WiFi Hotspots home and abroad!- Save data & roaming costs by connecting to free WiFi hotspots- If you’re a traveller, access WiFi Hotspots at your travel location to stay connected- Share WiFi hotspots to add to the ever growing list of Waple Zones- Look for Cafe’s and Restaurants around you and navigate with Google Maps seamlessly- View and Submit your Cafe and Restaurant review (NO Sign-in Required)
Waple does not have password decryption capabilities and is NOT a WiFi hacking tool.
With your support we would like Waple to be a sustainable crowdsourced WiFi Hotspot app. Our aim is to allow users to have connectivity wherever they go.
Through SHARING, we believe that everyone has the potential access to fast, convenient and safe internet connections.
We appreciate your feedback, questions or suggestions for future updates! Please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to us at :
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*Explanation about required authority*LOCATION - this authority is for searhcing store information and for showing shared WiFi location in WiFi+ based on current GPSCONTACT - This authority is to prevent inappropriate use of advertising module for collecting coins in WiFi+